Naviera About Us

Mission Statement

Naviera Central S.A., a subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings Inc.(NYSE:CKH), provides efficient, cost-effective inland river barge, multimodal and terminal services in Colombia along the Magdalena and Cauca rivers. With SEACOR’s extensive maritime transportation and logistics experience and the addition of new equipment, Naviera’s service area has been expanded to include all ports along the Magdalena River.


Marine and Multimodal Transportation

Naviera Central provides transportation solutions that cover virtually all cargo types. Our river fleet is one of the youngest in the country including shallow-water vessels able to navigate in areas difficult to access. Naviera Central is currently the only operator that routinely navigates through the Mompox Channel with its extremely shallow depths of 0.70 to 0.90 meters.

The Naviera Central fleet is designed to meet the unique cargo demands of Colombia with the equipment and personnel to handle all our customers’ requirements. Our vessels can transport large and oversized cargo, heavy volumes, and standard merchandise including containers, grains, steel, oil, fuels, chemicals, aggregates and more. The fleet consists of:

  • Three modular vessels or river convoys with capacities ranging from 70 to 105 tons per trip, operating from the terminal in Magangué
  • A 500-horsepower towboat
  • A 880-horsepower towboat
  • A 2,200-horsepower towboat
  • A 3,300-horsepower towboat (currently under construction)
  • 8 Magdalena style multipurpose tank/deck barges – 10,000 bbls/1,500 ton capacity
  • 6 Mississippi-style hopper barges
  • 4 ea 10,000-barrel tank barge
  • 1 deck barge

Convoys can be made up to accommodate all transportation needs including bulk and break bulk, container and project cargos.

Naviera Central offers multimodal transportation, by coordinating cargo logistics from origin to destination. This is done by consolidating river barge transportation, trucking, port transshipment and loading/unloading, thus being able to offer an integral freight rate.

Port and Terminal Services

We operate a nearly two-acre port on the Magdalena River in Magangué, Bolivar. It has complete operational and logistical infrastructure for the storing, receiving, dispatching, loading, and unloading of ships and trucks. We also offer personnel and security as required.

Our Port Services profile includes:

  • Vertical and inclined piers to handle loading and unloading of barges and boats 
  • Two warehouses for storage in ideal conditions of products and merchandise: 
    • South Warehouse has an area of 4,200 square feet (400 sq mt) with facilities for loading/unloading of vehicles and merchandise 
    • North Warehouse has an area of 7,750 square feet (720 sq mt) with facilities for loading/unloading of vehicles and merchandise 
  • Security Gatehouse and surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year 
  • Offices for rent 
  • Large, secure and convenient operations and cargo-handling yard 

Naviera Central Terminal Services Price List.pdf